Low carbon recycled acoustic & thermal natural fibre insulation. Easy to install/non-itch, non-toxic – will not cause allergic reactions. Behaves as a hydro regulator as it can absorb & release water vapour.

acoustic application

Acoustic &

Extremely effective sound-proofing and thermal insulation for both commercial and domestic use.

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.

Key Product Features

85% recycled cotton fibre, easy to install, non-itch and exceeds conventional insulation in performance.

See how Inno-Therm®/Métisse® insulation is made from recycled denim clothing.

Video: Recycling Process

Short video showing how recycled denim/cotton garments are processed to manufacture Inno-Therm®/Métisse®.

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® - a cost effective and eco-friendly insulation solution.

Technical Information

Download technical information, E-Futures Inno-Therm®/Métisse® carbon footprint report and European testing reports.

REACH homes

Reach Homes has won two Sheffield business awards where Inno-Therm®/Métisse® was installed. See the case study.


High Storrs School is hosting their first ECO-EXPO, sponsored by Randstad.

If you’re thinking of going green, or if you’re already on board with this hot topic, the ECO-EXPO@High Storrs is a one-stop-shop for individuals and families who are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle, featuring:

  • Zero-waste/Ethically sourced/Eco-friendly shopping in our Green Market. Bring your own containers to experience zero waste shopping!

David will give interactive seminars throughout the day on the following topics:

12.00pm Health and Well Being and the importance of Trees and wildlife in our urban environment and effects of LED street lighting systems
1.30pm Consequences on our Health, Environment of Vegetarians, Vegans, Meat-Eaters and other dietary choices
3.00pm Choosing products based on the embodied energy in manufacturing supply chain and energy rating

Inno-Therm® at Future Build

Inno-Therm® will be on exhibit in the Waste Zone of Future Build 5th-7th March 2019.

One area of our exhibit will show how the denim is processed into denim threads to which the binder and fire retardant are added. The actual threads will be on display. Visitors to the exhibit will be given opportunity to install the insulation in a partition wall that will be built into the exhibit.

Register for Future Build

Circular Economy

Recovery Insulation in 2018 has become a partner in the The University of Sheffield ReTraCE Project (Realising the Transition to the Circular Economy: Model, Methods and Applications).

Circular Economy Strategies Would “Tip Balance” Against Climate Change CIWM Journal Online

Let there be darkness

LED security lights effects on trees and green city landscape:
Human and wildlife circadian rhythms, mental well-being, road safety and the view of our night sky

A paper written by David Garlovsky (BSc, MSc, Certificate in Social Phenomenology)
was presented at the International SEEDS Conference 2017: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Healthy Environments, Buildings and Spaces, Leeds Beckett University, UK

The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness of the potential impact on urban and rural areas of blue-rich LEDs to ensure that city designers and arborists make informed decisions about the choice of street and road lighting. There is a growing trend for urban areas in the UK, USA and elsewhere to change over-roadway and residential lighting from high-pressure sodium [HPS] to blue-rich LEDs, often simply on the basis of saving energy, yet without health- or environmental-impact assessments. Energy-saving measures need to be linked to health and ecology considerations.

The views presented in this paper are from a historical perspective based on research conducted in 1974 by the author and the Chicago Audubon Society in the City of Chicago and from a recent literature review of research. The research showed that blue-rich LEDs’ effect human health and well-being, wildlife circadian rhythms, road safety and the view of our night sky. It is crucial for local communities be involved in deciding how streetscapes, including trees and lighting, are planned, managed and maintained.

Let There Be Darkness 2017

How street lighting has an impact on building landscape design and how and where gardeners and farmers can plant.


Free pair of old (many are 501) denim navy (a few are black or white)  jeans (sizes : 30-42W X 29-33L) or shorts (sizes: 23-34W) varying in colour, on request when you purchase Inno-Therm®/Métisse® insulation.


ASE National Conference Birmingham 2019

SESSION 1: Sustainability & skills in science

Hot House – NEW Resource rich in a context based approach around physics, energy and thermal transfers. Develop practical skills and test content knowledge at KS3 to better prepare students for KS4.

Report on Session 1 2019: Sustainability & skills in science


Gain knowledge and skills in renewable energy technologies. Build solar car, boat, and mini-water pump. Investigative and problem solving approach to achieve outcomes in Science, ICT, Sustainable Development and D&T

ASE Programme Preview 2019 Conference that will be sent out to all UK secondary schools and Midlands primary schools at the start of term.

Report of sessions in 2018 where 15 people attended from: Malta, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Norway, China and Hong Kong.

Report on Session 2 2019: Plugging into the Sun

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® selected as product of the month

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® has been selected as product of the month by ASBP, the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Recovery Insulation will be exhibiting and presenting at the Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo on Thursday 28th February 2019 at London South Bank University.

Conference Paper

Our paper, “Comparing linear and circular supply chains: A case study from the construction industry”, was accepted by the SEEDS Scientific Committee, Leeds Beckett University, for the International Conference, 14th/15th September 2016, on the themes Sustainable, Ecological Engineering Design for Society. The paper received the award: LSI (Leeds Sustainability Institute) Award for Paper Addressing a Developing Need. See the paper and the PowerPoint presentation .

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® acoustic insulation products selected for the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games 2018

Sheffield/South Yorkshire UK based Recovery Insulation Ltd. is proud to announce that Inno-Therm®/Métisse® acoustic recycled cotton/denim insulation will be used at the International Broadcast Center at the Olympic Winter Games 2018. It was used by NBC News at the London Games 2012, re-used at the Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014 and at the Rio Olympics 2016.

See the Case Study

See the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games 2018 press release