Easy to install/non-itch, recycled acoustic & thermal natural fibre insulation. Non-toxic and will not cause allergic reactions. Behaves as a hydro regulator thanks to its ability to absorb & release water vapour.

acoustic application

Acoustic &

Extremely effective sound-proofing and thermal insulation for both commercial and domestic use.

Inno-therm® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.

Key Product Features

80% recycled cotton fibre, easy to install, non-itch and exceeds conventional insulation in performance.

See how Inno-therm® insulation is made from recycled denim clothing.

Video: Recycling Process

Short video showing how recycled denim/cotton garments are processed to manufacture Inno‑therm®.

Inno-therm® - a cost effective and eco-friendly insulation solution.

Technical Information

Download technical information, E-Futures Inno-therm® carbon footprint report and European testing reports.

David Garlovsky is presenting a paper: “A SENSIBLE APPROACH TO LOW CARBON AND HEALTHY BUILDINGS” on 17th September at the International Conference on Sustainable, Ecological, Engineering Design for Society at Leeds Beckett.

David also will be involved in promoting Jeans for Genes raising money for Genetic Disorders UK and aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders.

Free insulation survey: get to know your home, how it needs to breath and how to improve your health. Inno-Therm® used at London-Games-2012 and re-used in Winter Olympics, 2014. Selected by Kevin McCloud, March, 2014, as an Eco-Innovation Green Hero. Press Release.