Easy to install/non-itch, recycled acoustic & thermal natural fibre insulation. Non-toxic and will not cause allergic reactions. Behaves as a hydro regulator thanks to its ability to absorb & release water vapour.

acoustic application

Acoustic &

Extremely effective sound-proofing and thermal insulation for both commercial and domestic use.

Inno-Therm® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.

Key Product Features

80% recycled cotton fibre, easy to install, non-itch and exceeds conventional insulation in performance.

See how Inno-Therm® insulation is made from recycled denim clothing.

Video: Recycling Process

Short video showing how recycled denim/cotton garments are processed to manufacture Inno‑therm®.

Inno-Therm® - a cost effective and eco-friendly insulation solution.

Technical Information

Download technical information, E-Futures Inno-Therm® carbon footprint report and European testing reports.


Recovery Insulation provided the insulation in the roof at the Fountainbridge community Wikihouse Edinburgh.

David Garlovsky was invited to give a talk at the Fountainbridge community Spring Fling on 17th April about his innovative Sheffield social enterprise.

Conference Paper

Our abstract [“Comparing linear and circular supply chains: A case study from the construction industry”] accepted by the SEEDS Scientific Committee, Leeds Beckett University, for the International Conference, 14th/15th September 2016, on the themes Sustainable, Ecological Engineering Design for Society.

AECB Conference

David Garlovsky will be exhibiting at the AECB and giving a talk: “The challenge to specify a low carbon insulation in building construction: New build and refurbishment”. In addition, he will be conducting a model solar car activity for delegates on Saturday afternoon.


Registration open for the AECB Annual Conference.

Free insulation survey within the Sheffield area. Inno-Therm® / Mettise® acoustic insulation was used at the London-Games-2012 and re-used at the Winter Olympics, 2014. Soon to be used in the Rio Olympics 2016. Selected by Kevin McCloud, March, 2014, as an Eco-Innovation Green Hero. Press Release.