Easy to install/non-itch, recycled acoustic & thermal natural fibre insulation. Non-toxic and will not cause allergic reactions. Behaves as a hydro regulator thanks to its ability to absorb & release water vapour.

acoustic application

Acoustic &

Extremely effective sound-proofing and thermal insulation for both commercial and domestic use.

Inno-Therm® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.

Key Product Features

85% recycled cotton fibre, easy to install, non-itch and exceeds conventional insulation in performance.

See how Inno-Therm® insulation is made from recycled denim clothing.

Video: Recycling Process

Short video showing how recycled denim/cotton garments are processed to manufacture Inno‑Therm®.

Inno-Therm® - a cost effective and eco-friendly insulation solution.

Technical Information

Download technical information, E-Futures Inno-Therm® carbon footprint report and European testing reports.

REACH homes

Reach Homes has won two Sheffield business awards where Inno-Therm® was installed. See the case study.

Celebration of the Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene T. Gendlin
Wednesday 27th September, 5.30 – 7.30pm 2017, Sheffield Central Library.

Thanks to Joyce Gray and her colleagues at the Sheffield Central Library who assisted to make the Celebration a success. I can think of no better tribute to Gene than for the session of ‘listening’ and ‘focusing’ activities I facilitated to be so well received by the 18 people in attendance. See my notes for more details of the session. At the end I stated Gene’s main principle: to paraphrase a quote from Gene: “to have an exchange with another be of the kind that would make the interaction with the other better. We seek to be in interaction that makes us and each other better.” We all viewed the short video of Gene demonstrating the focusing steps. Thanks to Kathy McGuire Creative Edge Focusing E-newsletter where the video can be found. I created a series of activities that will shortly be available for download. Interest was expressed for me to start a group. I am looking forward to starting a listening/focusing group here in Sheffield. Contact David if you are interested to join the group. Venue, time and day have yet to be confirmed.

Inno-therm®/Metisse® selected as product of the month

Inno-therm®/Metisse® has been selected as product of the month by ASBP, the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

International Fibre Recycling Symposium

Inno-Therm’s David Garlovsky’s abstract entitled: Circular economy in the manufacture of a recycled cotton/denim low carbon thermal and acoustic insulation to 6th International Fibre Recycling Symposium has been approved by the organising team as an Oral Presentation. See the newletter for more information.

Making Changes in Your Decision Making

A brief report of the 2 hour session held at Sheffield Central Library on 15th March 2017.

Let There be Darkness

David Garlovsky has delivered his presentation ‘LET THERE BE DARKNESS’: Blue-rich LED street lighting – effect on circadian rhythms, well-being, road safety and view of night sky at the International SEEDS Conference 2017: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Healthy Environments, Buildings and Spaces: Current position and future models Leeds Beckett University, UK – 13th and 14th September 2017.

The paper can be found within The SEEDS Conference Proceedings 2017 published in E-Book form on 4th December with an ISBN number 978-0-9955690-2-7. The paper can be found on page 209 in the E-Book using this link.

Inno-Therm® being used in REACH Homes

Affordable eco-homes for Sheffield with REACH Homes.

London Design Festival

Recovery Insulation is proud to announce that Inno-Therm®/Metisse® acoustic recycled cotton/denim insulation was on display at the London Design Festival, which took from 17th-25th September 2016. It is an annual event held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world; and act as a gateway to the international creative community. Participating in this significant event, Arup is delighted to be collaborating with Frener & Reifer, BAM and The Built Environment Trust. See the press release.

Conference Paper

Our paper, “Comparing linear and circular supply chains: A case study from the construction industry”, was accepted by the SEEDS Scientific Committee, Leeds Beckett University, for the International Conference, 14th/15th September 2016, on the themes Sustainable, Ecological Engineering Design for Society. The paper received the award: LSI (Leeds Sustainability Institute) Award for Paper Addressing a Developing Need. See the paper and the PowerPoint presentation .

Inno-Therm® acoustic insulation products selected for the Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games 2018

Sheffield/South Yorkshire UK based Recovery Insulation Ltd. is proud to announce that Inno-Therm®/Metisse® acoustic recycled cotton/denim insulation will be used at the International Broadcast Center at the Olympic Winter Games 2018. It was used by NBC News at the London Games 2012, re-used at the Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014 and at the Rio Olympics 2016. Case Study