Pricing, Availability & Details

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® is a brilliant, eco-friendly insulation product at a reasonable price, saving you time and labour costs in installation and, of course, fuel. It has all the required testing to meet UK and European standards.

Select the the insulation product you need for your project from the table below or from the Product Information page. Contact us on 0114 258 7639 or 07968 844891 for a quotation. Quotations provided/m2 of insulation plus shipping and V.A.T. for example, one batt of PM+ 100 = 0.4m X 1.2 m = 0.48 m2


Inno-Therm®/Métisse® products listed in table below are normally available for next day, 2 day or 2-3 day delivery from Sheffield. However, If not in stock  there is usually a working 15 day lead time plus delivery from Sheffield. Other products can be viewed on the Product Information page that can also be available for purchase.

Product Selector

For help working out how much insulation to order, you can use our product selector. Just enter the number of square metres that you need, select the type and thickness of insulation, and the product selector will calculate the number of batts or rolls that will be needed.

Product Code RRT 100 PM+ 100 PRT 145 PM+ 50 PM+ 145 PRT 50 PRT 200 eko batt
Dimensions 100mm x 600mm x 4m roll 100mm x 600mm x 1200mm 145mm x 600mm x 1200mm 50mm x 600mm x 1200mm 145mm x 600mm x 1200mm 50mm x 600mm x 1200mm 200mm x 600mm x 1200mm 45mm x 600mm x 1200mm
Density 20 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 25 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 20 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 25 kg/m³ (+/-10%) 25 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 20 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 20 kg/m3 (+/-10%) 45 kg/m3 (+/-10%)
Thermal Conductivity 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK) 0.039 W/(mK)
per batt or roll
2.40m2/roll 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt 0.72m2/batt
No. of batts or rolls per pack 2 rolls6 batts4 batts12 batts4 batts12 batts3 batts13 batts
per pack
4.80m2 4.32m2 2.88m2 8.64m2 2.88m2 8.64m2 2.16m2 9.36m2
No. of packs per pallet** 8 6 8 8 8 8 8 8
per pallet
38.40m2 25.92m2 23.04m2 69.12m2 23.04m2 69.12m2 17.28m2 74.88m2
£6.70 / m2 £7.66 / m2 £9.10 / m2 £4.41 / m² £10.46 / m2 £3.94 / m2 £12.08 / m2 £6.32 / m2

Contact for retail and merchant discount/trade prices on volume orders. Eight [ 60 cm in width ] – twelve [ 40 cm in width ] packs/pallets when delivered from France. Pallet is 2.5 m in height when delivered direct from our manufacturing facility in France to Sheffield or a building site. Pallets are 120cm X120cm. Eight packs/pallet for 60cm product and 10 packs/pallet for 40cm product when delivered from Sheffield since there is a maximum height of 2.2m/pallet with Palletline. .


  • Prices stated are for 600 mm widths. Thermal rolls and batts can be manufactured in 400 mm widths for thicknesses of 50, 80, 100, 120 mm but there is a cutting fee of 150€ when orders are less than 2,500€.
  •  See – product information
  • New Financial Procedure

    We have manufactured Inno-Therm® thermal and acoustic insulation products from our supplier in France. We purchase the insulation in Euros.

    Due to the now very significant movement in the Euro/Sterling exchange rate we have established a new financial procedure.

    Retail prices shown in the website table and in a quote are now subject to any movement in the Euro/Sterling exchange rate.

    When I receive a request for a quote, I will send you a quote stated in Sterling and also stating the Euro/Sterling exchange rate I use for the quote.

    If there is a significant movement in the Euro/Sterling exchange rate between date of a quote and the date of when I send you the sales invoice, then we reserve the right to restate the Sterling value of the sale to recognise the exchange rate movement. This is unfortunately beyond our control.

  • Eko acoustic roll (45 kg/m3 density) –  20 mm thickness x 1.2 m width X 14 m = 16.8 m2/roll @ £4.54/m2.
  • Prices ruling at date of dispatch, exclusive of VAT and delivery. When delivered by Palletline the delivery charge is subject to geographical area. The retail price is exclusive of shipping costs from Sheffield.
  • Free shipping from France to Sheffield and/or direct to any distributor, building site or customer when a full truckload of 22/24 pallets is purchased. For example, 22 pallets of 100 mm x 400 mm x 1.2 m batts hold 760 m2.
  • VAT: HMRC advise that we can charge 5% VAT if we supply and install. Where insulation is supplied to a customer or builder, we must charge 20% VAT. However, the builder can charge 5% VAT when installing. For a new build, VAT is ‘0’ rated.
  • New Installation Guide 2019 now on website.

The insulation can also be purchased loose (as flock) for blown-in application @ £1.80/kg. The m2 coverage of a 10 kg bag of flock depends on the R value targeted. On request we can send ACERMI which indicates the volume needed for each R value. Examples: 1. 4.7 kg/m2 to reach an R value of 5 with a density of 15 kg/m3. 2. 300 mm batts correspond to 360 mm of flock after settlement (480 mm before) = 7.2 kg/m3 (R=7.70)