Case Studies

Inno-Therm® has a history of being used in specialist developments across the country. Take a look at case studies of where Inno-Therm® has been used recently;

Inno-Therm®/Metisse® recycled cotton/denim insulation has been installed in the Piddington Pod. The Pod is an extraordinary bespoke copper-clad eco-dwelling. It is modelled on the huts of nomads. It was centre stage on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces broadcast on Channel 4 29th October at 8pm.


  • Inno-Therm® was selected by Kevin McCloud as one of his 10 eco-innovation green heroes. We exhibited at Grand Design Live in London from May 3rd – 11th, 2014. Details at: Grand Design Live.
  • Recovery Insulation Ltd., distributors of Inno-Therm®, exhibited at FutureBuild in Sheffield in November 2014. Details at: FutureBuild.
  • ECO BUILD: Recovery Insulation Ltd exhibited in the Big Innovation Pitch stand at Eco build 2014. Read more…