London Design Festival

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Recovery Insulation is proud to announce that Inno-Therm®/Metisse® acoustic recycled cotton/denim insulation was on display at the London Design Festival, which took from 17th-25th September 2016. It is an annual event held to celebrate and promote London as the design … Select options …

Tech for Teachers Award

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The Solar/STEM solar car/boat was named a 4 star winner in this category. The STEM solar resource is used to teach engineering skills in application of design, maths, physics in an enjoyable way. It motivates and engages students to gain … Select options …

Let There be Darkness

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Let There be Darkness David Garlovsky delivered his presentation ‘LET THERE BE DARKNESS’: Blue-rich LED street lighting – effect on circadian rhythms, well-being, road safety and view of night sky at the International SEEDS Conference 2017: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design … Select options …

Vintage denim miner makes a fortune

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Vintage denim can be worth a lot of money. The Guardian recently published a story about Michael Allen Harris who mines for vintage denim in abandoned western USA silver mines. Read the full story: Experience: I mine for 100-year-old jeans

The Piddington Pod Case Study

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Inno-Therm®/Metisse® recycled cotton/denim insulation has been installed in the Piddington Pod. The Pod is an extraordinary bespoke copper-clad eco-dwelling. It is modelled on the huts of nomads. It was centre stage on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces broadcast on Channel 4 … Select options …

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